Canadian Ski Marathon

February 8-9, 2020

It’s the 54th Annual Canadian Ski Marathon (CSM)! Why not be part of this unique Canadian winter event? This year’s trail starts on Saturday in Mont Tremblant and finishes at Montebello with up to 5 sections available to ski each day. The Sunday trail starts in Montebello and finishes in Lachute. It offers skiing on groomed trails ranging from 10-22 km per day, up to a challenging 160 km over two days. In other words, something for skiers of all abilities.

There are various categories of skiers with the most recent new category being the Taster which lets you ski the last section each day for a reduced registration fee, a marvelous way to see what the CSM is all about.

If you are thinking of becoming a Coureur des Bois but need to work your way up to it, try the Half Marathon category and ski the last three sections on each day.

The most flexible and popular classification is the “Touring” category where you can choose up to 5 consecutive sections per day. To join Randonnée Aventure’s (RA) Maxi Team of Tourers or if you have any questions about the marathon, either check the applicable box on the RA registration, or send an email to

Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy two days of a tremendous winter experience over beautiful terrain only available for the CSM. For registration details and more information, consult the CSM website.

Come on – join in the fun, fun, fun!


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